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June 19, 2011

Author and Editor
I've been writing stories and movie scripts for over 30 years. But, due to concentrating on my marketing career, I didn't begin submitting my work until a few years ago. Now I'm trying to make up for lost time, so keep an eye on my Stories section. Recently I also began editing a series of anthologies for Cliffhanger Books. I've had almost as much fun working with other writers as I've had writing my own fiction.

Marketing Professional
For 28 years I've been working in the marketing communications industry creating promotional advertising, videos, websites and much, more more. Like writing, it's hard work, but very enjoyable. See my online portfolio is here.

Besides writing speculative fiction, I also enjoy creating weird illustrated humor. In the 1990's I sold single panel cartoons to several publications, including Starlog magazine. I also had one printed in a New Breed calendar and even in a college textbook on social psychology. See my cartoons here.

Family Guy
I live in north Texas with my beautiful wife, Terrelia, and my two incredible kids, Christian (the one on the left) and Kimberly. Years ago we added Chelsea (the laziest lab in the world) to our family.

Oklahoma Born, Texas Bred
I was born on a military base in Oklahoma, and then hit the dusty road at six-months old when my dad left the Army. Since then, except for two years in New Orleans (when I was WAY too young to truly enjoy the madness of Mardi Gras), I've lived my entire life in Texas--from one end to the other.


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