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March 03, 2011


Some very kind praise from various readers and reviewers about my stories and the books they appear in. To see more information on these and upcoming works, go to my Stories section.

''OUR OWN BACKYARD'' (Bigfoot Tales)

''I can honestly say [Kevin Hosey's story] was incredible and a joy to read. So much that I read it again after editing it and re-reading it!"

--Mark Scioneaux, Editor of Bigfoot Tales

''BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA'' (Gods of Justice - I also co-edited this book)

"This story specializes not on cool super heroics or flashy powers, but on relationships and plot twists...Caught by surprise, and left gasping for breath, [it left] my mind spinning to grasp the ramifications of it all."

--David Jace, In The Margins blog

''...['Blunt Force Trauma'] is brilliant and totally unexpected. I sat there with my mouth open.''
--Ren Thompson, Ren Is Bloggin' blog

''A GREAT read. Each story is a fresh, new way of looking at superheroes and the detailed writing makes you feel as though you're actually there. The book is all around amazing.
--Know Your Marvel News blog

"...a fun book. The contents were well-written, thought provoking, imaginative, and entertaining. I was sorry there were no more stories when I reached the end. If you like comics and superheroes, by all means give this one a try.

--Adventures Fantastic blog

''IT!'' (Beyond Centauri Magazine)

"...the story is highly entertaining..."

--Tyree Campbell, Managing Editor of Beyond Centauri

"RAIN" (Paramourtal - I also co-edited this book)

Paramourtal was nominated for Best Romance Anthology of 2010 by TheRomanceReviews.com.

''[Rain] is hard hitting, dark...and the skillful writing of the author beguiles his readers...''

--Sherry Gloag, The Heart of Romance blog

''[Rain] swept me away....''

--Clara Hanoux, paranormal writer

''...touching, deeply imaginative and, in a word, spellbinding...I highly recommend these stories both for their heartwarming characters and for the intensely imaginative escape they offer. In a word, this book is enchanting."

--The Romance Reviews

"CURE" (Hint Fiction)

"['Cure' by Kevin Hosey] made me think about what we've lost and what we lose....Look what you did in so few words! Well done!"

--author Madeline Mora-Summonte

"The stories in Hint Fiction have some serious velocity. Some explode, some needle, some bleed, and some give the reader room to dream. They're fun and addictive, like puzzles or haiku or candy."

--Stewart O'Nan, author of Last Night at the Lobster

"The perfect story collection for all of us with too little time on our hands is a brilliant reminder of the magic that happens when you string the right words together."

--Jodi Picoult, New York Times bestselling author of House Rules

'"IT!'' (365Tomorrows.com)
All comments from the 365Tomorrow.com reader forum:

"Great, loved it. Very funny and wonderful...indeed!"

--Paul Starkey

"I really enjoyed this one...really caught me off guard and made me smile. Great work!...
That is how the smoke and mirrors of our trade should be used -- and it was done so well!"
--Matthew Forish

"Great story, this really started my day off right."

--Steven Odhner

"I loved it. It gave a new look to 'Alien.' ''


"Loved it!"


''DEMON'' (Star Trek Strange New Worlds 8)

"I've been reading the STSNW anthologies since volume 1 and the stories just keep getting better....One of the most exciting is 'Demon' by Kevin Hosey....Just pick it up and read it...You won't be disappointed."
--Anonymous (barnesandnoble.com)

"Demon" -- One of the great "what-ifs" in Star Trek: what would really happen if Kirk was faced with a no-win scenario (this takes place right before the end of the original 5 year mission), with one great big twist at the end. A good story..."

--D. Fisher (on Amazon.com)

"...interesting and intelligent."

--Egghead (on Amazon.com)

"Once again the editors at Pocket Books have brought us an all-new series of tales that add to the expanded tapestry of the Star Trek universe, and there's not a bad tale in the whole bunch. A job well done to all participants!"

--BWilliams (onTrekWeb.com)

"SEVEN & SEVEN" (Star Trek Strange New Worlds VI)

"What happens when the two most famous Sevens in Star Trek history meet in this action-filled story? All I can say is this: it won't add up to 14."

-- BWilliams (on TrekWeb.com)

"This is probably the best of the series, in terms of the quality of the stories and the number that I read often...'Seven and Seven' deserves specific mention for a great concept..."

-- R. Spottiswood "ras1310"

"I especially loved the Voyager story 'Seven and Seven' by Kevin Hosey. It was a lot of fun to see two of my favorite characters -- Seven of Nine and Gary Seven (from the original series) -- interacting."
-- JK (barnesandnoble.com)

"Kevin Hosey's 'Seven and Seven' takes place in the Voyager universe...Hosey manages to capture not only the setting but also the characters as well to produce an interesting story." -

- Steven Sawicki (on sfreader.com)


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