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July 06, 2013

Listed below are my appearances (in person and online). My sincere thanks to everyone who helped make each of these events so much fun.

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ConDFW XII, Dallas, Texas (Feb. 15-17, 2013)
This event was moved to a new venue this year: the beautiful Crowne Plaza Dallas near the Galleria (same as FenCon).As always, I signed books and participated in two panels. And as always, I had a great time. For information on next year's show, go to condfw.org.

ConDFW XI, Dallas, Texas (Feb. 17-19, 2012)
Third time is a charm. This show put on by the Texas Speculative Fiction Association. I signed books and participated in two panels: I had a terrific time. For information on next year's show, go to condfw.org.

Sci-Fi Expo Fan Days, Dallas, Texas (Oct. 8-9, 2011)
I'll be joining author Paul Black at his table during this huge sci-fi, comic and pop culture show at the massive Irving Convention Center (near DFW Airport). The event is literally packed with popular movie and TV celebrities and comic book artists. Drop by and see us from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM Saturday, and 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Sunday. Hope to see you there. For information on the event, click here.

FenCon VIII, Dallas, Texas (Sept. 23-25, 2011)
Besides signing books and meeting other talented authors at this event, I moderated a lively discussion panel on superheroes in the movies and participated on one discussing the emerging micro-fiction genre. I also represented Cliffhanger Books in the Small Press Roundtable. I look forward to 2012. FenCon is a science fiction and fantasy literary and filk (you heard me!) convention.

ConDFW IX, Dallas, Texas (Feb. 18-20, 2011)
This was my second appearance at this show put on by the Texas Speculative Fiction Association. I signed books and participated in three panels: Short Stuff: Short Fiction and its Market, Writing Short Stories for Anthologies and Anthologies: Behind the Curtain. Once again, I met some terrific people and had a wonderful time. For information on next year's show, go to condfw.org.

Barnes and Noble, Lewisville (Dallas), Texas (Jan. 22, 2011)
As part of the Paramourtal promotional tour, I signed copies of the anthology with three of my co-authors: Noree Cosper, Rebecca Rhielle and Evelyn Welle (who also co-edited the book with me). The signing was a huge success and we almost sold out of books.

Thank you to everyone who dropped by to see us. We truly appreciate it.

Barnes and Noble, Lewisville (Dallas), Texas (Dec. 4, 2010)
I spent the afternoon signing copies of the anthology, Hint Fiction, and, as always, had a terrific time. To see photos of the event, click on the image at right.

If you're not familar with this incredible book, you need to pick up a copy. It's a collection of stories told in 25 words(!) or fewer that suggest a larger, more complex story. My hint-fic story, "Cure", is included. It also features selections from such best-selling and award-winning authors as Joyce Carol Oates, Peter Straub and Joe R. Lansdale.

FenCon VII, Dallas, Texas (Sept. 17-19, 2010)
I had the honor of participating in a panel on selecting music to help motivate creativity in writing with legendary sci-fi author Spider Robinson. Plus, I signed books and met some terrific people. Over all it was a great first visit. To learn more about FenCon, visit fencon.com.

ConDFW IX, Dallas, Texas (Feb. 12-14, 2010)
This event is brought to you by the Texas Speculative Fiction Association. I participated in a terrific discussion group with three other authors on writing anthologies. Then I signed books with two others authors. It gave me the opportunity to meet several fans and other writers -- both published and aspiring. To learn more, go to http://www.condfw.org.

DFW Trekfest, Grand Prairie, Texas (May 06, 2009)
I had a wonderful time at this event signing books and meeting fans. It was held at the beautiful Uptown Theater in Grand Prairie, Texas (just south of Dallas) where they screened digital versions of the classics Star Trek II, III and IV. Thanks to Eric Shirey of Scotoma Events, who organized the Fest, and members of the Star Trek fan organizations U.S.S Joshua, U.S.S Trinity River and the Klingon IKV Melota for making it so enjoyable.

All-Con, Dallas, Texas (March 17-19, 2006)
I gave a presentation on "Writing With Other People's Characters" to a room full of potential writers. It was my first visit to this convention and hope to do it again some time. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera, so no photos are available. For a schedule of future All-Con shows, go to all-con.org

Barnes and Noble, Lewisville (Dallas), Texas (Feb. 26, 2006)
Barnes and Noble was nice enough to invite Amy Sisson and I back for another signing. We, once again, had a wonderful time meeting everyone who visited. To see a copy of the B&N newsletter promoting our signing, click here.

Barnes and Noble, Lewisville (Dallas), Texas (Aug. 14, 2005)
Amy Sisson (Strange New Worlds VII and 8) and I did a book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Lewisville, Texas (outside Dallas) and had a great time. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us, especially the members of the Trek fan group, the MAV VeStargh (KLIIIING-ONS!) who showed up in full costume.

Barnes and Noble, Webster (Houston), Texas (July 23, 2005
Amy and I also signed books at the Barnes and Noble in Webster, Texas (outside Houston) in late July. Thanks to the members of Starbase Houston who showed up in costume. For photos of that event click on the photo at right. This store also has autographed books available.

Shore-Leave 27, Baltimore, Maryland (July 8-10, 2005)
My first visit to this convention and my very first book signing. Pocket Books sends their top Star Trek authors and editors each year and they also make the Strange New World writers feel very welcome. Everyone I met -- wirters and fans alike -- were terrific. Thanks to everyone in Baltimore for a wonderful time. For upcoming shows, go to shore-leave,com.


Read2Review Interview (April 5, 2013)
I was interviewed by the review site Read2Review about the creation of Paramourtal, Volume 2. In it I discuss the exceptional stories written by all the authors, and how much I enjoyed working with co-editor K. Stoddard Hayes once again. To read the interview, click here.

Realmantic Moments blog (August 30, 2011)
I was interviewed by the Realmantic Moments blog about my ediitng and wriitng for the para-rom anthology Paramourtal. Please drop by and check it out. For more on Paramourtal, the award-nominated paranormal romance anthology, visit the Cliffhanger Books website.

Star Trek: Voyages of Imagination (November 2006)
Pocket Books published this massive reference guide covering more than 500 novels, novellas and short stories. It is fill with 800 pages of plot summaries and book covers for every Star Trek book ever published over the past forty years. It is indexed by title and author, features a comprehensive timeline, and is a must-have for every fan.

It also includes interviews with hundreds of Trek editors and authors, including yours truly. I discuss my short stories published in the Strange New World anthologies (see above) on pages 553 and 577 of the guide. Needless to say, I am truly honored to be included with such an incredible group of talented and legendary writers. Pick up a copy today on Amazon.

Star Trek Communicator Magazine #144 (June/July 2003)
This issue included a bio and interview with all of the authors featured in Star Trek Strange New Worlds VI, including me. You can see a PDF of the interviews here. My interview begin at the bottom of the first page. Unfortunately, the magazine stopped publishing just before Strange New Worlds 8 (and my story "Demon") hit the shelves, otherwise I would have been in the June/July 2006 issue, as well.


The Heart of Romance blog (August 2011)
I had three guest blogs featured on The Heart of Romance site discussing my experiences writing my paranormal romance story "Rain," co-editing the anthology Paramourtal that it appears in, and some short story tips I offer aspiring writers.

Comic Book and Movie Reviews (June 22, 2011)
The great folks at the Comic Books and Movie Reviews site posted a terrific article about Cliffhanger Books and the recent collection of superhero stories, Gods of Justice, I co-edited. CBAM is an excellent source for current entertainment and pop culture news and views.

Patricia's Vampire Notes (Nov. 14, 2010)
Patrica Altner was kind enough to let me share some insight with her readers about how Evelyn Welle and I compiled the paranomal romance collection, Paramourtal. Visit her site at http://patricias-vampire-notes.blogspot.com.

CrazzySharon's Boot Camp Study Group (Oct. 27, 2010)
I had the privilege of being a guest online speaker recently at CrazzySharon's Boot Camp Study Group for writers. I was asked to share input on writing short stories and I had a great time doing it. Thanks to Deborah for inviting me and to all their members for "listening." Hopefully they found some of my input useful. I reposted my comments in the Cliffhanger Books blog. To see them, just click here.

SWFA listed me as a "Featured Author" on their site
The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America recently listed me as a "Featured Author" on their website. To see a copy of the page, click the photo at right.

The SWFA is a great organization. If you're interested in joining, visit them at sfwa.org.

©2005 Kevin Hosey. All rights reserved. No portion may be reproduced without written permission.